Yard Tools For Spring 2021

Updated: Sep 12

Spring garden Tools

This List will give you the basic tools you will need to get you started to cleaning up your yard this spring. Or at the least what your children will need right.

1. Wheel Barrow

There are numerous kinds of Wheel Barrows in different colors. Choose the Wheel Barrow with the tires that hold air. I find the tires that hold air are easier to handle and smoother when wheeling around the yard.

2. Yard Rake

I have listed the Yard Rake but I recommend purchasing the Level Head Rake also. The basic Yard Rake is used for raking leaves and straw or possibly trash. The Level Head Rake is used in the garden and flower beds where you are moving dirt or mulch.

3. Garden Hoe

The Garden Hoe is used to cut up weeds or to work in flower beds. There are wooden handle Hoes, plastic Hoes and fiberglass handle Hoes. I recommend trying all the Hoes and see how they fit in your hands. Not all Hoes are the same.

4. Shovel

There are two types of shovels I recommend. They are a Round Point Shovel and a Square Point. Both of these will come in handy working in the yard this Spring. Also like the other Tools they have different type handles.

5. Bypass Lopper

What is a Bypass Lopper you ask? Well it is a pair of big clippers used to cut shrubs and limbs back. Purchase the name brand they will last twice as long.


I hope this List sends you in the right direction in building your Yard Tool Collection. As always these are my lists and tools I use. Be safe in everything you do and do not forget the PPE. Check out my other Blog Post Thanks for stopping by!

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