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Why Are Knee Pads So Expensive

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Knee Pads Are Necessary In Numerous Fields and Hobbies

There are work knee pads, flooring knee pads, sports knee pads, motorcycle knee pads, skating knee pads. I guess you get the picture no need to go all forest gump on you. This is an item that is available at a cheaper price but you do not want to skimp on a pair of these no matter what you use them for.

Work Knee Pads

When it comes to my work knee pads. I go with the Gel inserts. These are so comfortable and can run upwards of 80 dollars a pair. They will be the totally worth the extra money for the comfort and wear and tear on your knees over time. I have used them on shingles, putting down tile, flooring, carpet, planting and picking in the garden and plumbing a house. Anytime I am on my knees I use my Gel Knee Pads

Skating Knee Pads

Skating or Inline skating which ever is your passion requires you to have an excellent pair of knee pads. I promise you if you go with cheep knee pads you will not be skating long. Or just do like we did 35 years ago and do not wear any and mess them knees up. All joking aside there are so many brands available for your safety.

Volleyball Knee Pads

Oh my goodness these ladies need a good pair of Knee Pads to keep there knees from being shattered on a daily basis. These days a majority of knee pads available are have gel inserts.

BMX Knee Pads

BMX knee pads help keeps the bike rider from damaging their knees severely. Although this does happen from time to time due to the stunts and extreme air bike riders achieve. Like all the other knee pads these come in gel or foam options. Do not go cheap when purchasing.

Motorcycle or Motorsports Knee Guards

These are must haves if you ride quads or dirt bikes or just hitting the open highway. These knee guards are injection molded and super strong. These are not cheap but will come in handy when you are flying through the air.

Football Knee Pads

These are commonly overlooked when purchased as just another item for a football player and can be just any old kind. This could not be farther from the truth. Football players knees are attacked every down on the field. Purchase a good pair and your favorite players knees will thank you.

Baby Knee Pads

Yes I said Baby Knee Pads. These are one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time. If your little one is scooting across carpet, they need these. Baby Knee Pads come in all colors and are anti-slip and unisex. If my children had these when they were little they would have been climbing walls. This is an amazing advancement in the toddler mobility market.

Knee Pads Everywhere

As you can see by my list, Knee Pads are used in numerous activities. Why are knee pads so expensive? Well because they are used in every activity that requires bending your knees. And those knees need to be protected with the best product available. They are very important to you or your players and riders knee health. There are different brands and different price ranges available on the internet. I recommend asking your friends and checking online stores and reviews. If you purchase online make sure the company you are purchasing from has a return policy. Not all Knee Pads or Knee Guards fit the same.

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