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What You Need To Underwater Metal Detect

Updated: Sep 12

Underwater Relic Hunting

Well I recently started back Metal Detecting with my son and I figured we would try some Underwater Metal Detecting. Of course we are not professionals nor are we certified divers. These tools can be used in freshwater situations. My list of Tools are very affordable to get you started in a fun and healthy hobby for the whole family.

1. Underwater Metal Detector

The Pulse Dive Nokta Scuba Detector and Pin Pointer was my choice for an Underwater Metal Detector. It is waterproof to 200 feet and this is where a lot of cheaper Underwater Metal Detectors can not compete. It also has a flashlight and a lost alarm if you misplace it. There are Less expensive detectors but if I had to do it again I would spend the extra 50 dollars and get the Nokta.

2. Diving Gloves

I recommend purchasing a decent pair of Underwater Diving Gloves. You will need these just in case you run into some glass or metal that could cause some lacerations. There are all types and brands available. Purchase what fits and feels right to you.

3. Scuba Mask and Snorkel

Spend a little extra on the Scuba Snorkel and Mask and you will surface a lot fewer times having to reseal your Scuba Mask. I always purchase the Adult size even for my younger son for the simple reason that the mask straps tend to run small and are extremely tight in the youth models.

4. Utility Belt With Pouch

You will need somewhere to secure your treasure once it is found. There are all different kinds of pouches available. If you are like me you will not need one because you surface after every find to holler and tell someone about it.


There are so many products available for Underwater Metal Detecting, these are my basic. As always be safe in everything you do. Always have someone with you above the water when you are Underwater Metal Detecting. I hope this blog post was helpful check out my blog post on getting started metal detecting

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