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What Tools Do I Use To Take My Flat Screen TV Apart

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Flat Screen LED Replacement

Here we go again! Another Project my wife and I took on. On the Difficulty level I would say it was a 6 out of 10. If you can follow directions and hit the pause button it is a doable project. These are the tools you will need.

1. Cordless Rechargeable drill

The Rechargeable Drill will be used to disassemble your Flat Screen TV inside and out. I always recommend the 20 Volt Version.

2. Exacto Knife

The Exacto Knife will be needed to cut the factory tape that keeps the Screen and LED Boards together.

3. Flashlight

I used the Flashlight to locate the tiny screws around the edges of the Flat Screen TV. I also had to get my readers out to find them. A pocket flashlight works well.

4. Scraper

The Scraper is needed to pop off the old LED lenses and strips from the Flat Screen TV. Go ahead and purchase a set. You will need them for other projects.

5. Suction Cups

Oh my. The Suction Cups are very important. These are a must have if you have a Flat Screen TV larger than a 32 inch. I know from experience. Buy you a set they are cheap.


These tools will get you on your way to repairing your Flat Screen TV. Check out Youtube for Repair videos. I also recommend getting you a helper for this project if it is your first time.

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