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What Tools Do I Need To Purchase With My Stimulus Check?

Updated: May 7

This List will give you the Top 5 Tools You will need to buy with your next Stimulus Check.

I am an Amazon Associate and may receive a small fee from your purchase. Pictures on are direct links to Amazon for listed products.

1. AM FM Radio

The AM FM Radio will need to be Battery operated. These are readily available and are very cheap. DO NOT forget the batteries!

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2. Chainsaw

There are many options of these from rechargeable to electric to gas powered. I purchased the Gas Powered just for the reason that it is more mobile. Don't go cheap this tool will last a long time if taken care of.

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3. Portable Generator

The Portable Generator is essential in natural disasters such as weather events. I have 2 of the 4000 peak watt versions. Purchase two and you will not be sorry. ALso there are kits available to be able to connect your generators directly to your homes breaker box. Check with your local electrician when doing this.

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4. Electrical Cords

You will need numerous Electrical Cords in numerous lengths. Do not buy cheap because these will also last a long time if you do not skimp on price.

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5. Axe

The Axe will Come in handy when you cut wood with the Chainsaw. Spend a little extra on this item also.

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I hope this list helps and as always is my opinion on the items you need to purchase with your stimulus check. Check out my other Blog post on how to stay warm this winter

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