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What Tools Do I Need As A Homeowner?

Updated: May 7

I get this question a lot from young new homeowners. This is my list of the 5 Tools you will need as a homeowner or renting your home.

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1. Cordless Drill

There are so many different options of these. I prefer a 20 Volt Cordless Drill with an extra battery. Find you one with a free case and drill bits.

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2. Stud Finder

You will need the Stud Finder to locate the studs in your walls to hand pictures or your Flat screen television. Check out my other Blog post on tools needed to install a flat screen tv

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3. Laser Level

Laser levels these days are not very expensive. You can buy the conventional Level if you prefer. These do not need batteries. The stud finder and laser level comes in handy hanging shelves or pictures.

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4. Home Tool Kit

Now this is a great option for the new homeowner. The Home Tool Kit comes with most basic hand tools you will need for repairs around the home. My wife has a kit for inside the home and it makes it easier to find the tool you need for a quick home repair.

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5. Step Ladder

I prefer a 6 foot step ladder and a 3 foot around the home. My WIfe keeps her 3 foot step ladder in the kitchen closet. If I had to choose one it would be a fiberglass 6 foot step ladder.

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