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What I Need To Start Drawing Easily

Updated: May 7

1. Drawing Paper

Drawing Paper is very important. I use at least a 8.5 x 11 inch. They make all different sizes and textures.

2. Pencil Kit

There also are all different kinds of Pencils and Pencil Kits available. I would purchase a Pencil Kit with all different tips.

3. Eraser

The Kneaded Eraser will be your best option for Graphite Pencil Drawing.

4. Ruler

The Ruler will be needed for straight lines and measuring. I prefer the clear 12 inch models.

5. Drawing Compass

Use this for all Circles that you need to draw.


All these Drawing Tools have many options that vary from size an price. This is all the Drawing Tools I have used for years. I hope you enjoyed. Check out some of my work .

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