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Use These 2 Tools To Make a Hydraulic Hose

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

How To Make A Hydraulic Hose

This post is short description of what tools are needed and how to make a hydraulic hose using the Gates PC 707. First things first do not forget the PPE.

1. Chop Saw or Hose Cutters

These are used to cut the hydraulic hose the length needed. I always use the chop saw for a cleaner cut. Make sure you have a firm grip of the hose when cutting.

2. Gates PC 707 Crimper

I would say this is the most important tool needed to make a hydraulic hose. Once you find the correct hose and fitting, find the correct die size. Find your hose size and die size on the chart provided with your crimper.

Dial the correct setting into the crimper to match the die that is required for your hose with the dial on the side of PC 707 Crimper.

Put the fitting inside the end of hose and insert it inside of the bottom of die, stick the hose fitting almost an 1/8th of an inch above lip of die. (see video)

Lay the retainer on top of the die with hose in it. Slide the die, hose and retainer back on the stops. Push and hold the button that starts the press. The Crimper has a safety built in so it will not push to far down and it will automatically stop to keep from damaging the hose.

After the crimper stops its downward movement and starts upward your hose fitting is attached to your hydraulic hose with the settings you dialed in.

Check out video below. You are now a master hose maker or maybe this blog post will refresh info you already knew. As always check out my blog www.top5toolstouse.com for other great informative blog posts on Doing stuff yourself.

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