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Top Tool Gifts For Christmas 2020 Now

Updated: Jul 6

This is a List of my favorite 5 tools for Christmas 2020. These will be great gifts for Christmas 2020 for your significant other or family member that will not break the bank.

I am an Amazon Associate. I may receive a small fee from your purchase. The pictures on are picture links to listed products on Amazon.

1. Laser Level

This is a great Tool to have in your Tool Box. It will level and plumb anything that needs it around the house.

2. Digital Angle Gauge

The digital angle gauge will give you a digital reading of any angle that this tool can fit in. It is an amazing tool for anyone that works in the Moulding installation industry. It is a must have for Christmas 2020.

3. Rechargeable Drill

The Rechargeable Drill is a must have for everyone. You can purchase one for a reasonable price on Amazon. Make sure you get the one that comes with free drill bits and other accessories with a minimum of 20 volt capability.

4. Voltage Tester/Pen

The Voltage Tester will test any circuit for voltage. It is a must have for any Electrician or anyone that needs to know if an electrical wire or outlet is energized.

5. Stud Finder

If you asked me what one tool should everyone have in their Home. I would say a Stud Finder, they are easy to use. These are relatively cheap and will find your Stud in the wall of course!

Bonus Tool

Pocket Streamlight Flashlight

The Streamlight is lightweight and bright. It costs a little more but it will last 10 times longer than a cheaper competitors flashlight. This is my #1 Stocking Stuffer!


This list will make your Guy or Gal very happy this Christmas 2020 season. As always be safe in everything you do and have a Very Merry Holiday Season! Check out my simple List For Santa

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