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Use These Tools To Replace A Car Battery

Updated: May 7

This is a list of basic tools needed to Replace A Car Battery.

1. Metric Socket Set 3/8 Inch Drive

The 3/8 Inch Metric Socket Set will be used to Remove the Battery tie down bar or strap.

2. Pliers

I prefer Channel Lock Pliers. These will be used to twist and lift the Battery cable ends after you have loosened the cable end bolts.

3. Screwdriver Set

The Flat Tip and Phillips Head Screwdriver will be used to remove intake and air filter housing tubes.

4. Battery Terminal Cleaner

This item is a necessity. Spray this on the Battery terminal ends and it will clean them up for a better connection to your new Battery.

5. Safety Glasses and Gloves

These are always needed when working around Batteries.


I hope this list was helpful. Check out my other posts while you are here. As always, be safe in everything you do. Thanks for stopping by.

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