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Tools We Need To Raise Baby Chicks

Updated: May 7

This is a list of Simplified Tools needed to get them Chicks home and keep them chirping.

1. Chicken Feeder

You do not need a big Chick Feeder at this time. But I would opt for the larger one because you will need it later. A quality version of this is available on Amazon.

2. Chick Waterer

Same as the Chick Feeder I would opt for the larger one. Get the one that you can handle the easiest because they will need fresh water daily.

3. Heat Lamp and Bulb

The Heat Lamp is Needed to keep those Baby Chicks warm and comfortable at all times.

4. Chick Starter Grower

The Chick Starter Grower gives the Baby Chicks the amount of protein

and nutrients they need to thrive.

5. Cardboard Box/Brooder

This is a rather simplified option but really its all you need to get them home and to keep the comfortable.


Once again I hope this lists helps and gets you on your way to some healthy, happy Chicks. Thank you!

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