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My Tools To Quickly Patch Drywall

Updated: May 7

This is a list of tools needed to Patch Drywall easily and quickly. This list focuses on the removal and replacement of the Drywall.

1. Keyhole Saw

I know the Keyhole Saw sounds expensive and complicated. Take a look at the pic, its rather simple. The Keyhole saw helps you cut the drywall easily.

2. Tape Measure

Its pretty self explanatory, but I suggest a 25 foot Tape Measure.

3. Stud Finder

You can usually find these for a decent price. They also sound expensive but they are not. This item will save you a lot of headache.

4. Hammer

A rather simple tool, but the Hammer is required.

5. Utility Knife

There are all different types of Utility Knives, with different price ranges. The Utility Knife also helps you cut the dry wall.

Bonus Tool: You will need some type of straight edge to cut your new piece of drywall. Like a Square or anything straight. I have used a straight 2x4 or a Level.


This Tool List should get you started repairing that Drywall before your significant other sees it!

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