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Use These Items Now To Jump Start Your Car

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

This is a List of Tools you will need to Jump Start Your Car.

Jumpstart Your Car With The NoCo Jump Pack

1. Jumper Cables

The Jumper Cables are connected to both batteries. Red Cable end to Positive Side of battery, Black Cable end to Negative side of Battery.

2.Jump Starter

Now in My opinion everyone should have one of these in your car. They are compact and rechargeable. If using one of these there is no need to use the above mentioned Jumper Cables. Turn Jump Starter on and crank. Red cable to positive side of battery and black to negative side of Battery. I prefer the NoCo Brand.

3. Gloves

A good pair of Gloves are always needed when dealing with autos and Batteries.

4. Safety Glasses

As always Safety Glasses are needed to protect your eyes when working with Batteries.

5. Flashlight

You will definitely need a Flashlight. Or a cellphone light when Jump Starting your car at night.


When the time comes if you have these tools in your vehicle you will be able to Jump Start Your Car quickly and safely. Hope you enjoyed the list.

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