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Tools To Install A Crawl Space Door.

Updated: May 5

This project was a request from a customer to build and install a crawl space door. Hope this list helps you complete your project.

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1. Circular Saw

The Circular Saw is needed to cut all necessary boards or openings.

2. Cordless Drill/Screwdrivers

The Cordless Drill is used to install any needed hinges or latches.

3. Framing Square/Pocket Square

The Framing Square is needed to mark the straight edges on boards.

4. Chalk Line

The Chalk Line is needed to make straight lines on boards from edge to edge. These lines are used to mark the boards where the board needs to be cut off.

5. Tape Measure

The Tape Measure is needed for all measurements.


This is my Top 5 Tools To Use installing a Crawl Space Door. If you are looking for more projects or info check out Teds Woodworking website If you have any questions please email me, and thank you for stopping by.

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