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Tools To Cut Firewood Safely

Updated: Sep 12

Firewood Cutting Tools For First Timers

1. Chainsaw

The Chainsaw is the the most important Item on this list. Try out a lot of these to find the one most comfortable and safe for you to use. At this time there are rechargeable, electric and gas powered versions of chainsaws.

2. Chainsaw Wrench

The Chainsaw Wrench is needed to adjust the bar and tighten the chain when needed. All new Chainsaws come with their own Chainsaw Wrench.

3. Chainsaw File

A Chainsaw File is needed to sharpen the blade once it becomes dull. These are specific to the size of Chain on your Chainsaw. I usually purchase more than one at a time, just to have an extra. Purchase the one with a handle also.

4. Fuel and Mixing Oil

The Fuel and Mixing Oil is only needed if your Chainsaw is gasoline powered. Always go by the manufacturers recommendations for mixing.

5. Chainsaw Bar and Chain Oil

The Bar and Chain Oil is often confused with the 2 Stroke Mixing Oil. It is not the same. The Bar and Chain Oil is poured into a separate hole on the Chainsaw. It is used to lube the Bar and Chain when cutting wood. If not used, your bar and chain will over heat and be damaged.

Bonus Tools

My Focus on Bonus Tools today is Safety Safety Safety. There are numerous items used to stay safe using a Chainsaw. Goggles, Gloves, Shields, Boots, Pants but none of these things helped my Dad when he was cutting a tree that fell on him. The most important things for me is being aware of your surroundings and know your equipment forwards and backwards and always let someone know where you are and what you are doing. Thanks for stopping by!

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