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Purchase These Items To Check Your Blood Glucose Right Now

Updated: May 7

1. Blood Glucose Monitor

The Blood Glucose Monitor allows you to check your Blood Glucose any time of day or night. Most Blood Glucose monitors come in a starter kit with a limited supply of the items on this list.

2. Lancets

These are needed to prick your finger to extract a blood sample to test. They are inserted into the lancing device which is included with the Blood Glucose Monitor.

3. Blood Glucose Test Strips

These are inserted into the Blood Glucose Monitor and is where you put your blood sample to be tested.

4. Alcohol Wipes

You will need the Alcohol Wipes to sterilize and clean the area you are going to lance and get your Blood sample from.

5. Notebook or Journal

You will need to keep track of your Blood Glucose on a daily basis.

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