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What Tools Do I Need To Change A Tire Quickly?

Updated: Sep 12

Flat Tire Change Tools

1. Owners Manual

You will need the Owners Manual to give you the location of the Jack and Spare Tire and safety recommendations while changing tire.

2. Spare Tire

The Spare Tire is usually located in the truck of the vehicle. Your Owners Manual will tell you exactly where everything is. The spare tires are vehicle specific when you order it. If your vehicle did not come with a spare I strongly recommend you purchase one.

3. Jack and Lug Wrench

The Lug Wrench will need to be matched to the same size Lug nuts you have on your vehicle. These are available online

4. Wheel Chocks

You will need the Wheel Chocks to keep the vehicle from rolling after the vehicle is jacked up. Put the Wheel Chock on the down hill side of one of the wheels that is still on ground after jacking.

5. Gloves

You will need these to protect your fingers from injury. I recommend the Mechanix brand gloves.


As always be safe in everything you do. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you did. Thank you!

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