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Tools For A Beautiful Lawn

Updated: Sep 12

This is the List of Lawn Tools needed to keep that Lawn looking beautiful.

Simple Lawn Tools

1. Lawnmower

Whether its a push mower or a riding mower, get what is best for your lawn care need. I have seen electric, rechargeable and gas powered mowers. I prefer the self propelled push mowers.

2. Gas Trimmer

Same as the mower, there are electric, rechargeable and gas powered versions of these.

3. Blower

The Blower is needed to of course blow all your clippings into the street or in a pile. This thing is worth its wait in gold. Get the rechargeable and you wont be limited by an extension cord.

4. Landscape Edger

The Edger will leave you with a professional looking lawn. I loved my Black and Decker with the cord but there are numerous options of these.

5. Lawn Spreader

Do not forget to feed that lawn. The lawn Spreader will broadcast fertilizer and seed as needed. You can find these fairly cheap and are worth every penny.

Bonus Tool

Yard Rake

Purchase a good Yard Rake you will use it a lot.


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