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Top 5 Safety Items (PPE) To Buy Today

Updated: May 7

This is My list of PPE items that you need for basic DIY home repair. There is way more PPE items out there and it is totally up to you how extreme you go with your PPE.

1. Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses are just about needed for every project out there. I recommend spending a little extra on these. They will last a lot longer if you do. Go with the anti fog scratch resistant glasses.

2. Ear Muffs

Now you can opt for the Ear Plugs. When it gets hot I use Ear Plugs because the Muffs make my ears sweat. Don't skimp on these.

3. Gloves

I prefer the Mechanix Wear brand. These will last a long time and take everything you can give them.

4. Respirator Mask

I prefer the 3M Half Face Piece Reusable Respirator. This will be needed in numerous projects and can be reused. It is a must have.

5. Reflective Vest or Apron

A Reflective Vest is needed if you are working in an area that you need to be noticed. The Apron is needed to protect the chest and stomach areas while performing projects.


At the end of the day you want to go home to your family and friends, so always wear the proper PPE for your project. This is my list of the PPE I have in my possession and as always be safe in everything you do!

I am an Amazon Associate and I may receive a small fee from your purchase. The pictures in my blog are links to Amazon for the products listed.

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