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Top 5 Hoss Tools For Gardening

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

This is my List of Hoss Gardening Tools. Hoss Tools is a great family company in Norman Park, Georgia. Their products are made in the USA and made to last. The tools listed here are available on Amazon and their website www.hosstools.com

Garden Tools From Hoss

1. Hoss Double Wheel Hoe

The Hoss Double Wheel Hoe Is used to Cultivate and Weed your garden. It is Simple to use and will get you the results in the Garden that you are looking for. It also has attachments that can be swapped out for different jobs.

2. Wheel Hoe Plow Set

The Plow Set will attach to the Hoss Double Wheel Hoe. This set includes the left and right plow attachments. The Plow Set is easy to install and clean when done. They are made from powder coated steel and as always made in the U.S.A. These plows are great for hilling young vegetables.

3. Hoss Tools Stirrup Hoe

The Hoss Tools Stirrup Hoe is made for weeding and edging. The blade is 6 inch spring steel sharpened on both sides. Which allows you to cut weeds while moving the Hoe forward and backwards.

4. Hoss Tools Over-The-Shoulder Harvesting Bucket

The Hoss Tools Over-The-Shoulder Harvesting Bucket is the best option for harvesting all your fruits and vegetables from your garden. The strap is made of strong long lasting seat belt material. This Harvesting Bucket cuts your harvesting time in half and is built to last right here in the USA.

5. Hoss Tools Garden Hod

Hoss Tools Garden Hod is the best option available for washing and harvesting your fruits and vegetables. It is made out of weather resistant wood and heavy duty mesh wire. The Hoss Tools Garden Hod would be a great gift Idea for your special gardener.


Seeds, Fertilizers and More

When you see the Hoss Tools name most people think they might just sell Garden Tools. That can not be farther from the truth. They have fertilizers, seeds, pest control, irrigation and even food preservation tools for the the kitchen and they are super fast with their shipping. We have purchased our seeds from them this year and will update with a video. The local seed and garden supply stores here have been long gone and Hoss Tools will be my go to source for all the items we need from now on.


I am going to be honest I have not had the opportunity to purchase Hoss Tools but my family members have and they have never been disappointed. If you get a chance to use Hoss Tools for seeds, garden tools or supplies you will be glad you did. They are a Family Owned Company that puts quality and customers first. I have used many of their tools and seeds numerous years. As always wear the proper PPE for the project at hand and check out Hoss Tools on Amazon and their website www.hosstools.com

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