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Top 5 DIY Tools For 2021

Updated: May 7

This list will give you my Top 5 DIY Tools. These tools require a more advanced experience level. My wife and I have all these tools but by far her favorite is the Wood Lathe. Enjoy the list.

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1. Fixed Base Router

The Fixed Base Router Is one of my favorites. It is perfectly weighted and balanced. Do not go cheap on a router, this is a very dangerous tool. It also attaches to Router tables for easier use.

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2. Wood Lathe

As previously stated this is my wife's favorite. She uses it with ease. We have a 12 inch model and she makes just about everything you can imagine. Do not forget the Wood Turning Tools and don't skimp on these. Don't forget to wear your PPE.

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3. Portable Generator

The Portable Generator will come in handy with your DIY projects where electricity is not available. Also it comes in handy when the electricity goes out in your area for days at a time. I prefer at least a 5000 watt Portable Generator.

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4. Table Saw

The Table Saw will cut and rip almost any board you have to cut. Purchase the Table Saw with legs and you will not be limited with where you can place it. I have seen models with out the legs and someone made a wooden base for it and it worked great. I have the 10 inch version.

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5. Wood Planer

The Wood Planer will smooth out most wood that need to be planed. Purchase the 13 inch model and you will be happy. I do not have a Planer at this time but I use my Dads when needed.

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At the end of the day you will be happy adding any of these items to your Shop. As always please do not forget your PPE and be safe in everything you do! Check out my other Blog posts and if you have any questions feel free to drop me an email.

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