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Tools You Will Need To Build A Raised Garden Bed

Updated: Aug 1

As you will see a lot of projects use the same tools. On my scale of difficulty I give this one a 4 out of 10. Getting comfortable using the Circular Saw is the hardest part. Don't want to use a Circular Saw use a Miter Saw.

1. Circular Saw

The Circular Saw will be needed to cut all the boards you will be needing to Build Your Raised Garden Bed.

2. Square

You will need the Speed Square to mark your cuts and square them up. Like all the other tools on this list if you are building these tools will apply.

3. Hammer

Always keep a Hammer close by. It will be needed to help adjust the bed and to nail.

4. Drill

The drill will be used to assemble Your Raised Garden bed. Now this can be done with Hammer and Nails. My thumb and I prefer the Drill and Screw method.

5. Measuring Tape

The Measuring tape is always needed to take measurements. No need in getting the one with the laser or electric rewind. A good regular Measuring Tape will do. I prefer the 25 foot versions.

Bonus Tool

Safety Glasses

Always be safe and Remember your vision is priceless. Find you a Pair of Safety Glasses that are comfortable.


I hope this list gets you started on your way to a Beautiful Raised Garden Bed. If you have any questions about tools or this site, please email me. Thank for Stopping By.

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