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Tools You Need To Get Started In DIY

Updated: May 7

This List will give you the basic tools you will need to get started in DIY. I know most of my lists are short and sweet. As before it really doesn't take many tools to do most basic DIY projects.

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1. Framing Square

This is one of the first tools you will need when marking boards or anything to cut. I prefer a speed square. It is lightweight, usually aluminum or plastic and will last a long long time. I prefer the aluminum.

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2. Tape Measure

As always the Tape Measure is used inside and outside the home. I have the Lufkin 25 foot Nite Eye Tape Measure. If you have smaller hands and prefer a lighter Tape Measure opt for a 16 foot version. Keep one inside the home and out in the garage.

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3. Chalk Line

A Chalk Line will be needed to mark those long lines when laying out a porch or installing Vinyl Siding. There are numerous brands of Chalk Lines. Purchase what fits your hands and go ahead and get the Chalk Line with the chalk included.

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4. Hammer

The Hammer is needed a lot. I prefer the Vaughan brand. Try them all out and purchase the one that feels good to you. I recommend the 16 ounce Claw Hammer for beginners. That is just a starting point. If you want one of the big boys, go for it. There is nothing like driving a nail in a board with two strikes of the hammer. Fair warning though, watch out for them fingers.

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5. Level

Now the 2 foot Level will do around the house but the 4 foot is great to have for Larger DIY projects. There are Laser Levels that are available also but for the new DIYer I recommend the older aluminum or wood versions. There are combo kits that are available, check them out.

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Bonus Tool

Tool Belt

Every DIYer needs a Tool Belt. There are leather and nylon Tool Belts. I have the leather with the nylon belt and suspenders. Try them all on to find the one that is the most comfortable and will hold all your tools.

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I hope this list helps you get started on your Tool journey. These are the basics and of course there are numerous other tools you will need to fill your tool belt. These are my basic tools. Check out my other Blog post on As always don't forget the PPE and be safe in everything you do.

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