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Tools To Strip A Wood Pallet Right Now

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

This list is for the Do It Yourselfer To Strip A Pallet Quickly and Safely!

Stripping Wood Pallets Alone

1. Circular Saw

The Circular Saw is needed to cut your Wood Pallet after disassembling or during. It Makes quick work of Stripping the Pallet if you do not want to pull nails.

2. Flat Bar

The Flat bar is needed to pull the Wood Pallet Boards apart.

3. Nail Puller

The Nail Puller is needed to Pull the nails from the Pallet.

4. Hammer

A Hammer is used in conjunction with the Flat Bar and Nail Puller to Strip your Wood Pallet. As always I recommend the 16 ounce version.

5. Safety Glasses

As always wear your Safety Glasses and a pair of gloves. Time and time again I have injured my hands because I did not wear gloves.


Thanks Guys for stopping by my Blog and Sign up for my Newsletter before you go! Hope you get your pallets stripped safely. Check out my other blog posts at www.top5toolstouse.com As always be safe in everything you do and do not forget the PPE.

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