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Basic Tools To Start Metal Detecting Now

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

This list is for the beginner needing a list of Metal Detecting Tools to get started having fun in the hobby.

Your First Metal Detecting Purchases

1.Metal Detector

Metal Detectors range in price from a hundred dollars to thousands. My first Metal Detector was on the bottom of this scale and I found just about everything under the sun that was metal. From scrap to gold rings and coins.

2. Pin Pointer

The Pin Pointer is a necessity. Once you find the item with the Metal Detector the Pin Pointer allows you to Pin Point the item you have found. This cuts down on search time and you dig up a whole lot less ground.

3. Head Phones/Ear Buds

Headphones can be used at all times. There are all different types in all different price ranges.

4. Digging Tool

Now the Digging Tool is also a necessity. There are all different types. Google Metal Detecting Digging Tool and you will see what I mean. There are many to choose from.

5. Treasure Bag

The Treasure Bag is made to hold your Metal Detecting finds and some of your Metal Detecting Tools. There are numerous styles of Bags available.


At the end of the day you can spend thousands or spend a couple hundred dollars for all these Metal Detecting items, either way you will find Treasure or just someone's loose change. Thank you for checking out my Blog.

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