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Tools To Replace Engine Prop Mercury Outboard

Updated: Sep 12

Tools To Remove Outboard Prop

These are the tools I use to Remove my Mercury Outboard engine prop. This will be a short list. I have posted a video at the bottom of page on how to find your prop size on your Mercury Outboard Engine.

1. 1/2 Ratchet with Short Extension and 1 inch Socket.

The Ratchet and Socket will be used to remove and replace the Prop nut. Do not worry if you do not have a short extension just use a deep well socket. Now if you want to get fancy there is a Prop Wrench you can purchase. I just use what I have available in my toolbox.

2. Hammer and Large Flat Tip Screwdriver

The Hammer and Screwdriver will be used to flatten the wings on the nut lock that hold the Prop Nut in place.

3. Wood Block

The Wood Block is used to Wedge the Prop to be able to Loosen the Prop Nut. This is not always needed. Make sure it is soft enough wood not to damage Prop when wedging it.

Check out my video below on How To Find Prop Size on Mercury Outboard.


Like I said it is a short list but I hope it helps. As always be safe in everything you do and wear the proper PPE for the job at hand. Check out my other Blog posts on Thanks for stopping by.

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