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Tools To Replace Carpet In 03-07 Honda Accord

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

What I Use To Replace The Carpet In A Honda Accord

My my my this was nasty. We had a customer that brought us a 2005 Honda Accord to replace the carpet. In this post I will give you a tool list and a brief how to guide. This project was a 6 out of 10 on the difficulty level. It was not a a hard project to accomplish.

If you have the room, I recommend taking the new carpet out of the box and let it rest in the sunlight before installing. This will make it more manageable when installing. If you have not purchased your replacement carpet yet, I recommend Auto Custom Carpets Inc. at https://www.accmats.com/

Lets get started by disconnecting the battery with a 10mm wrench.

1. 1/2 Inch Long Handle Ratchet with Short Extension and 14mm Socket

The Ratchet and Socket will be used to remove the four bolts from each seat that holds the seats to the floor. After removal of the seat bolts you can then use the Ratchet and same 14mm Socket to remove the Lower seat belt bolts.

The Bolt on the driver side is mounted in the side pillar of car. The seat belt bolt on the passenger side is mounted to the seat, and has to be removed to remove the seat from the Honda Accord.

Also there are three wire connectors under each seat, one yellow, one blue and one gray. Disconnect these after the four bolts from seats are removed and you can flip the seat back.

2. Cordless Drill and Screwdriver Set

The Cordless Drill will be used to remove screws from the inside panels, and the center console. All the screws to be removed are medium sized Phillips Head Screws. Go ahead and breakout a Set of Screwdrivers to use also. There are two kick panels, two door sill plate panels, two panels in front of center console and the glove box that will need to be removed.

Oh I forgot the foot rest on the driver side left of the Honda Accord carpet will also need to be removed. This is the only piece that gave me fits when we reassembled the interior. So take your time removing.

When removing the center console there are three screws in the bottom of center console. One on each side towards the rear. The cup holders and the ring around the shifter pop up with a small flat head screwdriver.

You do not have to remove the Shift knob or put the transmission in neutral. There are a couple of screws under the cup holder, shifter ring and a couple of screws toward the front on each side of the console.

There is one plug for a charger port under the console easily disconnected after lifting the center console.

3. Utility Knife and Extra Blades

The Utility Knife will be used to cut the new Honda Accord carpet to fit. Just for informational purposes the carpet comes with excess carpet on each sides and will have to be slit in the middle so it will fit over center console area.

Also the seat bolt holes and wire holes will have to be cut. It seems over whelming but its not. Keep a sharp blade in the knife and measure 3 times and cut once.

4. Plier Set

You will need a Plier Set to remove the body clips that hold the old carpet together under the front seats. I guess from the the factory Honda decided it would be easier for them to install three pieces of carpet instead of one piece like the replacement. After removing the clips the carpet pieces will lift out.

5. Shop Light

Always use a bright Shop Light. It will come in handy and keep you from gabbing nasty things that might have fuzzy growing on it and it will help when you start cutting the carpet to fit.


After the old Honda Accord carpet is removed its time to go back with the replacement. Lay it in and take your time. Like I said before do not cut before double checking.

The seat bolt holes and wire holes do not have to be perfect. Be careful cutting the holes for the driver side foot rest panel. It is the tricky one. It fits right in the bottom left corner of carpet. Take your time with the cut that has to be made over where the center console is mounted.

Do not cut to far towards back of car or to far down towards floor. Do not be scared there will be excess carpet that will need to be trimmed. Just cut a little at a time. As always be safe in everything you do and do not forget the PPE. Checkout my walkaround video after the install.

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