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Tools To Replace Boat Carpet Fast

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

This list will give you The Tools You Will Need To Replace Your Boat Carpet Fast. Well faster than me cause I just spent 30 hours replacing a customers Boat Carpet and I did not have a tool list.

Boat Carpet Replacement Tools

1. Oscillating Tool

This is the Number one tool to remove carpet from your boat. Use the flat chisel looking blade. This tool was a God send, I would still be scraping if I did not have one. Buy the Tool that has the a free blade kit with purchase.

2. Heat Gun

Oh my the Heat Gun Is almost as important as the Oscillating Tool. Use the Heat Gun to heat the boat carpet then run the Oscillating Tool under the old carpet and then bingo the carpet comes up easy and fast. Purchase the Heat Gun that comes with extra tips, you will not be disappointed.

3. Tape Measure

You will need the Tape Measure to measure your new Boat Carpet.

4. Utility Knife

I use the Utility Knife to cut my new Boat Carpet. You can use Scissors if you prefer. Just make sure they are sharp.

5. Small Paint Roller

These are needed to spread the glue on the floor before laying the new boat Carpet. You will be really happy with these.

Bonus Tool

Straight Edge

Use the Straight Edge to make straight carpet cuts. You can use a Straight 2x4 or a Four foot Level, anything straight for that matter. I use a Drywall T-Square.

I always purchase my my boat carpet glue and carpet from Amazon. This is a picture of the carpet glue I use.


I hope this list helps you with your Boat Carpet Replacement. As always wear your PPE and be safe in everything you do. Don't forget to Sign up for my Newsletter.

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