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Tools To Replace A Toilet Right Now

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

As always as you can see it does not take many tools to complete most projects. I would give this a 2 out of 10 on the difficulty scale. Just do not forget to put the towels on the floor when lifting the toilet.

Tools To Remove A Toilet

1. Crescent Wrench

The Crescent Wrench will be needed to take the water line loose from the bottom of Toilet water tank.

2. ChannelLock Pliers

I use the ChannelLock Pliers is a Brand name adjustable plier that I recommend. If you purchase this brand they will last a lifetime. These will be needed to aid in holding the water line fitting at tank.

3. Standard Socket Set

The Standard Socket Set will be used to remove the mounting bolts at base of toilet. The 3/8 Socket Set will be perfect.

4. Scraper or Flat Tip Screwdriver

The Scraper will be used to remove the old Toilet seal from the toilet flange. This actually looks like a nasty job, but it is actually just wax from the old seal. Make sure you get it all.

5. Paper Towels or Towel

The Paper Towels are needed to dry out the bottom of the Toilet Tank to remove left over water after cutting water off to Toilet and Flushing it.


As you can see it does not take many tools to Replace A Toilet or a whole lot of knowledge. As always be safe in everything you do. Check out my other project blog posts www.top5toolstouse.com

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