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Tools To Replace A Hot Water Heater Now

Updated: Sep 12

Replace Your Old Hot Water Heater

1. Water Hose

The Water hose is needed to Drain the Hot Water Heater after you turn the power off to the Hot Water Heater.

2. Linemans Pliers

They are needed to Disconnect wiring at the old Hot Water Heater and reconnecting the wiring to the new one.

3. Adjustable Wrench

These are needed to Loosen the Water Lines at top of Hot Water Heater assuming yours has the copper lines connected to it.

4. Screwdriver Set

The Screwdriver set will be needed to take the necessary covers off the Hot Water Heater to access the wiring.

5. Voltage Pen

This item always comes in handy when doing any electrical work. It will light up and beep if there is voltage coming through wire.


Now this list as well as all the rest are for information purposes only. As always be safe in everything you do! Thanks For stopping by.

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