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Tools To Put Up Christmas Lights Now

Updated: Aug 1

This list will give you the tools you will need to put up Christmas Lights right now. You can use numerous different tools but this is a simplified list.

1. Step Ladder

The Step Ladder is needed to get to higher areas of your home. Always have someone hold the Step Ladder when you are on the steps.

2. Staple Gun

Now the Staple Gun is to be used to install light hangers not to staple wires. There are electrical and mechanical versions of these. I prefer the electrical, they cost more but are way more efficient.

3. Cordless Drill

The Cordless Drill is also used to install light hangers. I use a 20 volt Drill, and it always gets the job done.

4. Voltage Tester Pen

When working with electricity I always use my Voltage Tester Pen. They are not that expensive and keep you alive. So get you one please.

5. Personal Protective Equipment

As always use the proper PPE for the project you are doing. Safety Glasses, Gloves.


I hope this list will help you get started Hanging those Christmas Lights. Also please don't forget to ask for help. Check out my other post on my Top 5 Tools for Christmas 2020

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