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Tools To Plug A Tire On The Road

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Quick Tire Plug Tool List

This is a quick list of tools needed to Plug A Tire and a simple description of the process.

1. Tire Plug Kit

The Tire Repair Kit will allow you to Plug your tire. Go ahead and spend a little extra on the Tire Plug Kit. when you shop around you will see the quality difference in the better sets. Also you don't want to be broke down and your plug kit break while attempting to plug your tire.

2. Diagonal Pliers

The Diagonal Pliers are needed to remove a bolt screw or nail in your tire. As you can see the Diagonal Pliers are flat on one side which allows you to slide it against the tire and pull the object out. Get the 8 inch Pliers.

3. Large Flat Tip Screwdriver

The Flat Tip Screwdriver is used to help in removing the item that has punctured your tire. Purchase the Larger one you might need some leverage to remove the item if pliers can't pull it out.

4. Air Compressor

Purchase an AC/DC Air Compressor that can be powered by your cars battery. Get the one that goes to 100 psi (of course you do not put 100 psi in your tire, usually 40 psi is recommended depending on manufacturer) and with the Analog air pressure display gauge. If the Digital display is the only one available you will have to get it but my experience is the digital display gauge compressors does not last as long as analog.

5. Air Gauge

You will use the Air Gauge to Check your tires air pressure after repairing and airing up your tire. The gauge on the Air Compressor will do in a pinch but do not completely rely on it. These are cheap and available almost anywhere automotive items are sold.


Al these items will fit in a small area in your trunk and will get you back on the road after a puncture in your tire. Check out my other Blog post on https://www.top5toolstouse.com/post/5-tools-to-have-in-your-car As always use the proper PPE for the project at hand and be safe in everything you do.

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