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Tools To Install Mobile Home Skirting

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Trailer Skirting Install

This is my List of required tools to install Mobile Home Skirting. And yes it is another project me and my wife are taking on as we speak. Enjoy and if you have any questions or need any assistance shoot me an email. Your input would be appreciated and I am available for any questions.

Please let me know if my Vinyl Cutting Jig plan was helpful. top5toolstouse@gmail.com

Download PDF • 4.75MB

1. Circular Saw

The Circular Saw is needed to Cut your Vinyl Siding Pieces of Skirting. Find you an old Circular Saw Blade and flip the blade backwards on your saw. If you do not have an old saw blade just purchase you a cheap one. Or purchase a Vinyl Cutting Saw Blade. This will allow a smooth clean cut of your Vinyl Skirting. It more or less melts the Vinyl when you are cutting it. If this is not done the saw blade will break the Vinyl Skirting to pieces when you attempt to cut it.

2. Tin Snips

The Tin Snips are needed to make the Smaller shorter cuts on Vinyl Skirting. I like the Irwin brand. Also I recommend the 12 inch and 6 inch versions. They both regularly come in handy and will make the smaller cuts a breeze.

3. Framing Square

I use the framing square to mark my Cuts. You can use a Pocket Square or a larger Framing Square.

4. Level

You will need the Level to plumb your pieces of Vinyl Skirting when Installing. I usually keep two handy, a 2 foot Level and a small Torpedo Level. Consider purchasing a combo deal.

5. Hammer and Tape Measure

These are basic and needed to Install Vinyl Skirting. I prefer the Lufkin or Stanley Tape measures. When picking out a hammer, purchase what feels good in your hand and is lighter weight to prevent fatigue. Check out the 16 ounce versions for DIY projects like this one.

Bonus Tool

Vinyl Cutting Jig

If You have made it this far you are somewhat committed to taking on this project. Download my Vinyl Siding Cutting Jig Plan at the top of blog post.


As always be safe in everything you do and wear the proper Personal Protective Equipment for the project you are performing. Check out my other Blog posts at the bottom of page and Subscribe to my email list. Thank You for stopping by!

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