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Tools To Install A Ceiling Fan Quickly

Updated: May 5

We all eventually run across the need to install a ceiling fan or two or three. This is a list of tools needed to install a Ceiling Fan.

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1. Flat Tip Screwdriver

You will need the Flat Tip Screwdriver for the installation.

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2. Phillips Head Screwdriver

The Phillips Head Screwdriver is going to be used more than the Flat Head Screwdriver.

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3. Lineman's Pliers

The Lineman's Pliers are used to cut or twist wires as needed while installing the Ceiling Fan.

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4. Voltage Tester/Volt Pen

The Voltage Tester is used to confirm there is no voltage at the Ceiling Fan. Look here for a Voltage Pen

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5. Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses is the most important tool while doing anything that requires the use of tools.


In the end all safety precautions and measures should be taken at all times. This is my List of Top 5 Tools To Use To Install a Ceiling Fan. If you have any questions feel free to message me. Thank you!

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