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Tools To Cut and Install Vinyl Plank Flooring

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Tools I Use To Cut And Install Vinyl Flooring

Well its project time again. My wife and I had decided last year to replace our kitchen floor with Vinyl Plank Flooring. The weather forecast showed rain for a couple of days so we decided to get it done. Overall it took us about 10 hours. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 6. The most complicated part is using the circular saw and jig to cut our vinyl plank flooring.

Top 5 Tools To Use Vinyl Flooring Cutting Jig
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1. Circular Saw with Vinyl Cutting Blade

The Circular Saw and Vinyl Cutting Blade will be used to cut the Vinyl Plank Flooring to size. Irwin Tools has a Vinyl Cutting Blade that is amazing.

As before if you are not comfortable using a Circular Saw there are other ways to cut Vinyl Plank Flooring. Try using a Miter Saw, Utility Knife or a Vinyl Plank Flooring Cutter if you have one available.

2. Utility Knife and Extra Blades

The Utility Knife and Extra Blades are used to finish your Circular Saw cuts when it requires a fit at a corner or small piece to be cut. I would suggest purchasing at least 20 Extra Utility Knife Blades to cut the vinyl plank flooring. These are cheap and only last for a few cuts.

3. Nail Puller Flat Bar

I am not going to lie, I love my little Flat Bar. I use the Flat Bar to pull up the Vinyl Plank Flooring tight when I can not get my fingers in there to do the job. Mine is the Mini Version and it comes in handy all the time.

4. Level

The Level is used as a straight edge when making marks to cut your Vinyl Plank Flooring. I used the 2 foot version. Depending on the length of the Flooring you are cutting, a 4 foot Level might be a better choice. Or just find you a straight board a little bit longer than the Flooring you are cutting and use it as a straight edge to mark your long cuts.

5. Speed Square

Use the Speed Square to mark your cuts on the Vinyl Plank Flooring. As you can see this is a versatile tool and can be used for a lot of different projects.

6. Tape Measure

As always the Tape Measure is used to measure your flooring boards. I have numerous.


I hope you found my list helpful. There are numerous other tools you could use to complete this project but these are the ones I used. Don't forget the PPE and as always be say in everything you do especially cutting Flooring. If you ever have any questions or need a little help with your own projects send me an email top5toolstouse@gmail.com

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