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Tools Needed To Paint A Room

Updated: Sep 12

This is a list of Tools needed to paint a room. There are numerous different tools needed depending on application, for now we are focusing on the Top 5 that I use on every job.

Painting A Room

1. Paint Roller and Covers

The Paint and Roller covers are a necessity. Most rollers serve the same purpose. Now Roller Covers on the other hand have different textures. The smoother the texture the smoother the surface you are painting. My rule of thumb on number of Roller Covers I use is. I change my Covers after every room unless all the rooms are the same color. Then I can use the same Cover most of the day if temperature and climate permits.

2. Paint Brush

The Paint Brush is needed to cut in all the corners and moldings the rollers can not get to. There are all different kinds and sizes depending on application. My preference is a 2 and a half inch angled Paint Brush. Remember when purchasing brushes that they make different brushes for different kinds of paint or coatings. For example you would not use a latex brush to apply wood stain or oil based paint.

3. Paint Bucket/Paint Grate

The Paint Bucket is used to hold your paint. The Paint Grate slides into the Paint Bucket and lays on top of the edge of bucket. You pour the paint in the Bucket and roll your previously assembled Paint Roller and Cover up and down the Grate after dipping it in the paint.

4. Drop Cloth

The Drop is needed to keep the floor clean from Paint drippings. This can be anything you can lay flat from a cloth sheet to a sheet of plastic.

5. Painters Tape.

The Painters Tape helps to keep all you edges clean and straight. There are different kinds and sizes.


I hope this helps you get started painting your room. Always be safe in everything you do and do not forget your PPE. This is the Top 5 Tools Needed To Paint A Room. Thank you for stopping by!

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