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The Tools To Install Moulding

Updated: May 10

This list will give you the list of tools you need to install moulding.

1. Miter Saw or Miter Box

The Miter Saw or Miter Box and Hand Saw will be used to cut your moulding to length. If you have a small job the Miter Box and Saw will be enough.

2. Hammer

You will need the Hammer to Install the Moulding. I Prefer the 16 ounce Framing Hammer. Someone with a smaller Stature will like the 16 ounce any bigger will be harder to control when hammering.

3. Tape Measure

As always I recommend the 25 foot Tape measure. Pick what you like and one fits your hand comfortably. For smaller hands the 16 foot Tape Measure works well.

4. Coping Saw

Now the Coping Saw is needed to Saw the moulding for a perfect fit in the corners. It is possible to install the moulding with out the Coping Saw, but I recommend you watch a video or two on using the Coping Saw. You will see the importance of using one. Also make sure you purchase extra blades. They are very delicate compared to other types of blades.

5. Sand Paper

Sand Paper is needed to sand and smooth out your cuts. It ensures proper fit and will look a lot better than not sanding. I recommend a pack with 80 120 and 220 grit. Start with the 80 grit and finish off with the 120 or 220 Grit.


I hope this list gets you started on Installing Moulding. As always you can do this with more or less tools. But this is what I use to Install Moulding. Thanks for stopping by and check out my other posts. Check out my other blog posts

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