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The Tools You Will Need To Use An Air Nail Gun

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Nail Gun Accessories You Will Need

1. Air Compressor

The Air Compressor is your number one tool. These can be found fairly inexpensive. Some Come with Bonus tools when you purchase them.

2. Air Nail Gun

These come in a variety of sizes and types. From nails to staples to roofing tacks.

3. Air Hose and Fittings

The Air Hose also comes in different sizes and lengths. Pick the one that is best for your application. The Fittings will be installed on the ends of the Air Hose.

4. Air Tool Oil

This is needed for your Air Gun or tool. A little drop inside the air fitting hole at the beginning of the day will be enough and will guarantee your tool to have a long life.

5. Safety Glasses

As always be safe in everything you do. Always buy a decent pair of Safety Glasses, because your vision is priceless.


Hope you enjoyed the list. If you get these Tools you will enjoy the amount of time it saves.

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