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Tools To Replace Your Brake Pads

Updated: Sep 12

Brake Pad Replacement Tools

1. Jack and Tire Iron

You will need the Jack and Tire Iron to remove the tires. This is usually located in the trunk of your car.

2. Brake Caliper Tool Kit

The Brake Caliper Tool Kit is used to depress the Brake Caliper Pistons. This is a must have if you are going to replace Brake Pads.

3. Metric Socket Set

Rule of thumb is you will need a Metric 3/8 drive Socket Set.

4. Hammer

You will need a Hammer because sometimes things need a little manipulation. I prefer the Ball Peen Hammer.

5. Flat Tip Screwdriver

The Flat Tip Screwdriver is needed to push back the Brake Caliper Piston. So the Brake Caliper Can be Removed easily after removing Caliper bolts.

Bonus Tool

Sometimes you will need a Metric set of Wrenches depending on your application.


Once again, Thanks for stopping bye and always be Safe in everything you do.

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