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Simple Tools To Install Vinyl Siding Right Now

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Vinyl Siding Install Tools

Installing Vinyl Siding is a Simple DIY project. I give it a 4 out of 10 on the difficulty level. Start off level and you will be good. I have a Vinyl Siding Cutting Jig Plan below.

Download PDF • 4.75MB

1. Circular saw

The Circular Saw is used to cut Vinyl Siding. When cutting flip the saw blade on your Circular Saw where the blade tips are reversed. This actually makes a smoother cut. This does not hurt the Circular saw at all. Or purchase a vinyl cutting circular saw blade.

2. Snips/Cutters

The Snips are needed to make smaller vinyl siding cuts that the Circular Saw can not make.

3. Hammer

Of course you will need a hammer. You can use a stapler if that is what you have. The Hammer is used to fasten the Vinyl Siding to the wall with tacks or nails.

4. Tape Measure

You will need a Tape Measure to measure your Vinyl Siding for cutting.

5. Square

It is used to mark a straight line for your cuts. The most efficient Square to use is what is called a Pocket Square.

Bonus Tool

Vinyl Siding Cutting Jig

Check out my shop for an all wood DIY Vinyl Siding Cutting Jig.


Hope this tool list is helpful. And as always you can use more tools than listed here of course but I have got it done with these. Check out my other blog posts www.top5toolstouse.com Thank you for stopping by!

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