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Simple Tools To Build A Noodle Board

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Build A DIY Wooden Noodle Board Quickly

This comes from a project my wife requested we try. The project went smoothly and she was very happy. We do make Wooden Stove Top Noodle Boards upon request with the customer prepaying and them sending us the stove top dimensions. This is the list.

1. Circular Saw/Miter Saw

Use the Circular Saw to make all your cuts. Most of the time the wood does not work out exactly and your last piece will have to be cut long ways, this is where the circular saw helps or a table saw if available. Use your Miter Saw if you prefer.

2. Drill/Drill Bits

The Drill will be needed to drill holes for the handles of the Noodle Board. I prefer a 20 volt Rechargeable Drill. The Drill Bits will need to be between 1/8 to 1/4 inch in diameter.

3. Clamps

These clamps are needed to hold the wood pieces together after gluing and assembly. The clamps needed will need to open up to at the least 22 inches. You will need two of these. Your best bet is to find the wood clamps online.

4. Sander

The Sander can be a palm, belt or just a piece of sand paper and elbow grease. I prefer a powered sander. On our Noodle Board we used #1 Pine and we had minimal sanding.

5. Wood Glue

Wood Glue is used to glue the wood pieces together of the Noodle Board. I prefer Gorilla Glue but do not put it in your hair.

Check out my video on YouTube


This list will help you on your way to a happy wife. Contact us if you are interested in a T5T Stove Top Noodle Board top5toolstouse@gmail.com This is a very simple project that anyone can do, and I am available for questions anytime. Be safe and do not forget to wear your PPE. Thank you for stopping by!

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