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Refinish An Old Side Table Quickly At Home

Repainting Our Side Table No Paint Stripper Required

Well my wife decided on a little project. Check video below. We were repainting my sons bedroom and she had an old side table in the shed. So long story short she wanted to refinish it. This is a simple project that on a scale of one to ten I would give it a three. As you can see we went a little overboard on the sanding but you might not know, this guarantees a smooth painted surface.

The Tools We Used To Repaint Our Side Table

We started off by cleaning the Side Table with a damp cloth and removing the drawer pulls with a phillips head screwdriver. After cleaning the sanding progressed. Using a Palm Sander with 60 grit Sand Paper, then coming back over it with a 120 grit sand paper was perfect. No Paint Stripper Required.

Refinishing The Side Table

This was the easy part. We applied 2 coats of Valspar Semi Gloss and Satin Paints on our side table. Our son had already picked out the colors for his bedroom so we used those to paint the Side Table to match.

Side Table Repainting Project Completed.

Over all my wife and I are very happy with how our repainting project turned out. It only took a couple hours to complete and looks amazing. I would recommend repainting and giving new life to your old unused furniture, you will be happy you did. To see more of our blog posts go to www.top5toolstouse.com Check out our short video of the refinishing process and results.

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