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One Tool To Remove Your Citizen Watch Back

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Watch Back Removal Tool

If you have read any of my previous blog posts, you know my posts come from projects I have completed. So my Citizen Eco Drive Watch battery died, and I have had to replace it.

A fun fact I did not know about the Citizen Eco Drive products is, the watch needs to be exposed to natural sunlight or light to keep the battery charged. So my watch being in a drawer was not where it needed to be. Enjoy and I hope you learn something from my adventures.

Another Learning Experience!

How To Remove Citizen Watch Back

Find the correct tips to remove your Citizen Watch back. I used the square tips to remove the back of my Citizen Watch.

Use a toothpick to push in the Citizen Watch Band Pin.

Grab the Yellow Watch Holder and screw out until the Watch fits snuggly into holder.

After the Citizen Watch is secure in Holder line up watch back remover and remove Watch Back with the Watch Back Removal Tool.

Now the Hardest part slipping the battery in the case. I would take a picture of the way the battery is sitting because it can get complicated.

The one and only tool you will need to remove your watch back is the:

1. Three Point Wrench Screw Case Removal Tool with The Movement Holder

The Three Point Wrench after a little adjustment will remove your Citizen Watch Back Case easily. Pull the case before and get the Battery number and type before you order a battery. I had to reorder from ignorance of coarse. I was thinking there was only one battery for Citizen Eco Drive Men's Watches. That is not the case. Oh Well lessons learned.

Check out my Video on YouTube


I hope you enjoyed my Tool To Remove Your Eco Drive Watch Back. As always be safe in everything you do. Check out my other blog posts at the bottom of this one. If you ever need a little more info on topics I blog about, send me an email top5toolstouse@gmail.com Thanks for stopping by.

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