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My List Of Simple Christmas Gifts For Christmas 2020

Updated: Jul 6

This is my List of Simple Christmas Gifts I want for Christmas 2020. I made this list for fun. Thank you for visiting my Blog.

I am an Amazon Associate and I may receive a small fee from your purchases. Pictures on are direct links to Amazon for listed products.

1. Coffee Mug

I enjoy Coffee mostly in the winter time. This is the Mug I want for Christmas 2020.

2. Q Beam Spotlight

I need this to see what that darn dog is barking at in the middle of the night.

3. Mechanix Gloves

I love these gloves. The are long lasting and are very comfortable. Got to keep them hands warm in this frigid weather. My wife doesn't like me coming in and putting cold hands on her, but i must admit I enjoy. Don't tell her.

4. Tape Measure

This is the Tape Measure I would Like from Santa.

5. Streamlight Flashlight

I love the Streamlight brand. Very dependable and long lasting. Stick this in my stocking and I am putting you under the mistletoe!


Well this is my List for Christmas 2020 and hopefully Santa will come through. I really do appreciate everyone that visits my blog. Happy Holidays! Check out my Top Tool Gifts for 2020

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