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My DIY Toolbox List

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Tools In My Toolbox In 2022

Automotive Lockout Kit

This is one of my favorite tools. Someone always locks their keys in their car or their battery goes dead. I purchased mine online for about 60 dollars.

Vinyl Cutting Circular Saw Blade

This is a necessity if you are cutting Vinyl Siding or Vinyl Flooring. I purchased mine at Marvin's for about 20 dollars.

Gel Knee Pads

Always I stress always have a good set of good Gel Knee Pads. You can purchase these for around 30 dollars.

Standard and Metric Wrench Sets

I have Standard and Metric Wrench Sets. I purchased mine online for about 40 dollars for each set.

Reciprocating Saw

I purchased the Makita because it was on sale. Depending on the time of the year you will find certain brand name tool makers products on sale online. Usually a great brand is on sale for a little over 100 dollars.

Bolt Cutters

I group this tool with my Automotive Lockout Tool. It will get the job done when a small pair of cutters won't. I purchased these for about 25 dollars.

Roofing Hammer

I love my Roofing Hammer. It is my second favorite Hammer and if you are nailing tacks this is the hammer you will need. They are available online for around 40 dollars.

Tin Snips

In my toolbox I have the 8 inch and 12 inch sizes. The will straight cut any thin metal. You can purchase them both for around 20 dollars each.

Impact Driver

The Impact Driver is available online for around 10 dollars. If you need to turn a screw that will not come loose, use one of these.

Socket Sets

I have 1/4 Inch, 3/8 Inch and 1/2 Inch. I always have what I need when it comes to Socket Sets. Shop around and look at reviews and you will find good sets for great prices.

Coping Saw

I have used my Coping Saw to cut molding and to cut PVC or anything that had to be cut in a tight spot. These are not expensive. Go ahead and purchase extra blades.

Air Nail Gun

I use my Air Nail Gun when it is time to get down and build some stuff. I have different kinds. They are sometimes on sale especially since they are really pushing the battery powered guns.

Wood Chisel

When I install door knobs or deadbolts is where I use my Chisels most of the time. You can purchase a set for 15 to 20 dollars online.

Spade Drill Bits

I use the Spade Drill Bits installing door knobs and deadbolts on new wood doors and door frames. I purchased my set for less than 20 dollars.

Hole Saw

As you can see I have used my Hole Saw a lot. I use it to cut deadbolt holes on metal or wood doors. You can get a set for less than 30 dollars.

Safety Gear PPE

I always keep safety glasses, gloves, masks and ear plugs. It never hurts to be safe! You see what I did there. PPE is always reasonably priced.

Utility Knife

I am going to honest. I have collected these over the years and have numerous. They come in handy all the time. Go ahead and get the extra blades.

Belt Sander

The Belt Sander is not a necessity but it does come in handy when my wife does her DIY craft projects. I wouldn't purchase until I found one on sale.

Wood Clamps

If you are going to make Noodle Boards or table tops or even cutting boards you will need a set of these. They are not cheap but you have got to have them to hold your projects together after gluing.

Miter Saw

I know it Doesn't fit into my Toolbox but it is the best, simplest tool for any DIY person to use to cut wood. You can find them on sale and don't worry about getting the one that turns and cuts in all different directions. Single Bevel is perfect for Beginners.

Oscillating Saw

This is one of the single greatest achievements of mankind in the last 20 years when it pertains to tools. You can purchase one online for less than 100 dollars. I have used it to remove boat carpet numerous times.

Speed Square

I have a couple of these. You can find a good one for less than 20 dollars. Do not purchase the plastic ones, I repeat do not purchase. The metal ones will last a lifetime and are not expensive.


I recommend the 4 foot, 2 foot and torpedo level. I use them all on one project or another. For straight edges or to level a project up. You can get a set online for less than 100 dollars. Don't go to cheap these will last a lifetime also.

Flat Pry Bar

Me and my wife use our Flat Pry Bar at this time to take wood pallets apart for her DIY projects. These are relatively cheap and will last forever if stored away from moisture. They are available online for less than 10 dollars.

Circular Saw

I have a couple or 3 of these. I use one to cut Vinyl one for wood projects and the other is a standby. All of mine are corded so I am biased on the corded vs battery battle. You can purchase one from 50 to 130 dollars.

Ratchets and Extensions

Just like my Socket Sets I have 1/4 inch 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch Ratches and Extensions with long and stubby handles. Shop around when you go to purchase a lot of brands offer great lifetime warranties.

Claw Hammer

My Claw Hammer is my best friend. It went missing for about 6 months recently and come to find out it was in my daughters car trunk. I like a 16 ounce. When you go pick you one out try them all and see how they feel in your hand after repeatedly swinging it. It will last a lifetime.

Shop Light

I use my Shop Light daily. I use LED lights but any light will do. They are available at numerous online stores on sale year around. I use the corded versions but the rechargeable do just as good.

T Square

Even though this is used mainly for drywall I use mine for a straight edge cutting boat carpet. You can find one for around 40 dollars online.

Heat Gun

Although it is not a necessity I use mine when removing old boat carpet and with my Paintless Dent Repair projects. They can me purchased for less than 30 dollars.

Tape Measure

Yes this is another one of my best friends. I have all different kinds and lengths. My favorite at this time is my 25 foot Lufkin Nite Eye. Check Lufkin out if you get a chance. When you go to purchase, go and hold them all and see what fits in your hand the best. This will prevent you from constantly dropping a Tape measure that is too big for your hands.

Punch and Chisel Set

I purchased Punch and Chisel Set online and got a set for less than 30 dollars. I use these a lot with wood and metal projects.

Cordless Drill

I use my cordless drill all of the time. You can always find these on sale online with a charger and extra battery. Don't get stuck on Dewalt there are a lot of great brands available at a great price.

Plier Set

I have so many Pliers floating around here it is crazy. I decided to go with a basic Snap On set so they would last a while. I have been through so many different brands.

Screwdriver Set

Just like the Pliers. I have more screwdrivers floating around my homestead than stars in the sky. I decided to go with a basic Snap On Screwdriver Set for their warranty. My family knows if you touch my Snap On daddy might Snap. I am joking of course.

Portable Torch

I keep one of these bad boys with numerous extra tanks just because sometimes you need some heat. The Portable Torch is not expensive and comes in handy a lot.

Dremel Set

My wife's Dremel comes in handy anytime we need to get in a confined spot and cut or grind on material. Now a days there are other brand rotary tools that will get the job done also.

Jump Start Pack

I can not begin to explain how much I love this Jump Pack. I have jump started over a thousand vehicles since I purchased it in 2019. It has never let me down and is available for around 120 dollars and worth every penny. If I had the money every car in my yard would have one in the trunk.


Well this is it. My Toolbox list. There is way more in there than this and I will update as needed. Check out my other blog posts at www.top5toolstouse.com

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