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How To Stay Warm This Winter

Updated: May 7

This list will give you the necessities to Stay Warm This Winter. Or at least this is how we do it. Hope You Enjoy and Sign up for our Newsletter.

1. Electric Blanket

This is needed for those very cold nights when the wood is to wet to burn or when the temperature drops below freezing outside. I could not live without mine. This is my favorite!

2. Slippers

A good pair of Slippers is always needed for those quick trips outside or for those hardwood floors. My kids always hook me up come the Christmas Holiday with a pair.

3. Kindle Tablet

I absolutely love my Kindle Fire. This is a must on those cold night sitting next to the fire.

4. Electric Heater

The Electric Heater is always a plus when away from the Fireplace. I like to cut mine on early in the morning when I get up to get things warmed up in the kitchen. The Duraflame 3D Infrared is Awesome. Check out the reviews.

5. Hot Cocoa or Coffee

I Prefer Coffee but there is nothing like a big cup of Cocoa with marshmallow cream on top.


I hope you have enjoyed this list and may your winter be warm and cozy!

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