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How To Get Started In DIY For Less Than $100

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

5 DIY Tools for less than $100 combined

This is my list of tools to get you started in DIY for less than $100. These tools will get you started on your way to completing DIY projects on your own. Also as you have seen in my previous posts it does not take many tools to complete everyday DIY projects. Every one of these tools are name brand and offer warranties.

1. Circular Saw

The Circular Saw is needed so many times with DIY projects or simply many woodworking projects. Black and Decker make entry level Circular Saws for less than $50 dollars. Fun fact: Black and Decker and Dewalt is owned by the same people. Both are great entry level brands.

2. Hammer

The Hammer is my #2 item needed for DIY. When you look closely at a Hammer you will see it is actually a multi-tool. It can be used to sink nails, remove nails or even tear and rip boards apart. A name brand 16 ounce Hammer can be purchased for less than $15.

3. Tape Measure

There are hundreds of different types of tape measures out there and the more advanced into DIY you get you will see this. I prefer a 25 foot on the job site. I recently purchased this Craftsman 25 foot tape measure and it has worked great so far. Just to give you a heads up, this is a tool you will be replacing at least yearly, so I would not go out and spend a lot of money on one of these.

4. Speed Square

The Speed Square is used to mark your cuts and to make quick small measurements. Swanson is one of original makers of the Speed Square and the most reliable. These are available for less than $15. Check them out.

5. Nail Apron

Nail Aprons can range from a couple of dollars up to over $100. For the purpose of the article we are going with the Cloth Apron. I use these around the house when I am completing smaller DIY projects. These are available for less than $5 a piece. It will hold your hammer, speed square, tape measure, nails, and pencil easily.

Bonus Tool

Saw Horse Brackets

Now most of you have probably never heard of Saw Horses. The Saw Horses are built to hold your boards up off of the ground (about waist high) to make measurements and enable you to cut boards safely. The brackets are factory made metal pieces that hold wood boards together to make saw horses. Check it out on Youtube.


All these tools will get you started in DIY for under $100. The bonus tool will bring the total a little over $100 but it is not a needed tool. So lets take a look at our total.

Circular Saw: $37.99

Hammer: $ 9.99

Tape Measure: $13.00

Speed Square: $ 9.99

Nail Apron: $ 3.22

Saw Horse $19.99

Total: $94.18

Well there you go. These tools will get you started with DIY. Of course you will want to replace some of these tools with your preferred brands over time. As always be safe in everything you do and do not forget the PPE. Check out my other Blog post on https://www.top5toolstouse.com/post/top-5-diy-tools-for-2021 Thanks for stopping by. I am an Ace Hardware Affiliate.

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