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How To Assemble and Mount An Everlast Speed Bag Easily

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

How To Assemble and Mount Everlast Speed Bag Quickly With Instruction Sheet Explanation

We purchased my son this Everlast Speed Bag Set from Dick's For Christmas this year. So I figured I would put a blog post together simply because there are always little things they always forget to tell you in the directions with these punching bags.

Lets start off with the Tools needed to complete the job. A tape measure. Regular phillips head screwdriver. A 4 foot Level. A 7/16-inch wrench and a 1/2-inch wrench. Everlast does insert a free wrench with the bolts and screws but I had better results with regular wrenches putting the punching bag together.

Last but not least a ball pump needle and hand pump. Depending on the height of your Everlast Speed Bag user you may need a step ladder to mount Speed Bag to wall.

There is a direction sheet inserted in the box with the parts and screws.

Steel Angle Mounting Brackets

Tubular Steel Support Brackets

Drum For Platform

Mounting the Steel Angle Mounting Brackets to the wall is simple they recommend that you use Lag bolts but I used 6 3-inch long deck screws only because I don't think anyone will be swinging from this thing.

Another nugget of information is, I mounted the mounting brackets 70 inches off of the floor. For a 6 foot tall speed bag user 70 inches is perfect and gives you the opportunity to raise or lower the height depending on the height of the user.

Everlast also recommends the brackets be mounted on studs with 16 inch centers. If this is not possible the fix is to drill new holes in the Drum for Platform.

The Tubular Steel Mounting Brackets are attached to the Wall Brackets using the 5/16 Carriage Bolts with nuts and washers. Use the 1/2-inch wrench to tighten these bolts after the whole Everlast Speed Bag is assembled.

Tightening everything right now will make attaching the Drum for Platform harder to attach in the next step.

Before attaching platform to the mounting brackets go ahead and mount the Swivel Assembly to the platform with the for phillips head 3/4-inch sheet metal screws. DO NOT I repeat do not over tighten these screws. No biggie if you do just find you some longer screws to replace the ones that will not tighten.

At this time go ahead and attach the platform to the Tubular Steel Support Brackets using the 4 1/4-inch carriage bolts, nuts and washers included. Use a 7/16-wrench to tighten these. The holes on the platform should match up with the holes in the tubular brackets. If they do not it is not a big deal.

Ensure your wall brackets are on 16 inch centers if it is not possible get a drill bit and drill and drill new holes in the platform for the carriage bolts. I would go ahead and tighten all the Speed Bag Bolts at this time.

Go ahead and attach the Striking Bag (speed bag) but first go ahead and inflate the Everlast Speed Bag with a Ball Pump Needle. Now you can start beating that bag like it stole your lunch money.

Check out my other blog posts at www.top5toolstouse.com I will be going Live on Youtube soon so look me up https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe5XZ6AI6sy_8M4Uq0wl6Cg Please share this post if it helped you out.

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