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Door Hinge Pin Replacement Tools For Ford Truck

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Replace Ford Door Pins

This Tool List will give you the Tools you will need to replace your Door Hinge Pins on your Ford Truck and some simple instructions to replace them also. Do not forget to find you some help to hold the door when the Hinge Pins are removed. The door will move out of the Hinge and down.

1. Cordless Drill and Bit

The Cordless Drill and Bit will be used to drill the head of the pin to remove the Pin from the Hinge. The Head of the Pin is flat and easily drilled. I use a 1/4 inch steel cutting drill bit.

2. Hammer

I use a Ball Peen Hammer, but you can use whatever kind of Hammer you have. The Hammer will be used to knock the Hinge Pin out and to remove the top of Pin remaining after the top being drilled off.

3. Steel Chisel

The Steel Chisel is used to cut the top off the Door Hinge Pin after drilling the top of the pin mostly off.

4. Center Punch

The Center Punch will be used with the Hammer to knock the Door Hinge Pin down and out of the Hinge. The Center Punch will need to be slightly smaller than the Hinge Pin to be able to completely push the Pin out of the Door Hinge. It is also used to reinstall the Hinge Pin Later with the Hammer.


As always be safe in everything you do and use the proper PPE for the job or project at hand. Check out my other blog Posts on on other DIY projects.

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