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Build A Headboard From Laminate Flooring

Preparing The Wall For Laminate Floor Installation

I am going to start off by saying this is the easiest and quickest way to build and install a headboard. We started off by painting my sons room. As you all know one project leads into another. Just a disclaimer we did repair the wall before installing the Laminate Flooring to the wall. That is another blog post within itself.

The Tools We Used To Install Laminate Flooring Headboard

This part is fairly simple. Not a lot of tools were used. Not pictured was a nail set, caulk and a caulking gun which were used in the finishing process to hide nails on the wood trim around the headboard.

Installing Of The Vinyl Flooring Headboard To The Wall

The actual process of mounting the Vinyl Flooring Planks to the wall is fairly simple and straight forward. We used a Lowe's brand Vinyl Plank Flooring pictured below. These planks were left over from a previous project where we installed it in our kitchen.

Our next step was to lay out the headboard with a 4 foot Level and pencil. Our dimensions were 55 inches long by 48 inches tall. Which was fairly simple because the length of the Luxury Vinyl Flooring was 48 inches by 5 inches. After this and after repairing the wall we installed the first piece of Vinyl Flooring making sure it was plumb on the side and square across the top.

When installing the Laminate Flooring to the wall we did not cut off the top of the Flooring because when we installed the trim it covered this up. See picture below.

To adhere the Flooring to the wall we used Gorilla Glue and one screw per Laminate Plank about 12 inches from the floor. This was done to equalize the pressure for the glue to take hold. After this the Plank Flooring Headboard install went pretty fast.

Installing The Trim Around The Laminate Flooring Headboard

This is where the project gets technical but not really. I would like to remind everyone to use the proper PPE for every project. Time to pull out the Miter Saw. We went with a common window casing molding. See Picture. You can go with any kind of trim molding you like. This was for my son and he is not a fan of fancy stuff.

After Cutting The molding with the Miter Saw to the proper length and with 45 degree angles. I attached the molding to the wall with finish nails. We then caulked the corners and filled the nail holes before adding a couple of coats of Valspar Satin Paint.

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